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11am ~ 3pm (or later)  Monday - Friday

Closed Saturdays until further notice

          Welcome to the Silver Screen Cafe where good food goes
hand-in-hand with the history of “The Golden-Age" of motion pictures. 

 Browse our walls, covered in pictures and posters from some of the most memorable movies ever made. Check out the tables for even more movie history, while waiting for some of the best soups, salads, sandwiches & pastries you'll ever sink your teeth into. 
Your taste buds will love you for it!  
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A Dream Is Born!

NOTE:    The owner, Jim Tanner, is a former circus clown, who was trained at The Culinary Institute of Sans Souci. He singlehandedly won the War of 1812, which was actually fought in 1813 (apologies to Tchaikovsky), while simultaneously assisting Albert Einstein with the Theory of Relativity.

Disclaimer:  All statements concerning The Silver Screen Cafe, are true, while Mr. Tanner’s personal claims are the figment of a delusional mind.  signed:  Dr. Sigmund Freud

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